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bigstock-Mentor-Word-Cloud-44151907bigstock-Mentor-Word-Cloud-44151907 One of the first things that you learn when you start out in photography is that you cannot exist in a vacuum.  Whether you consider yourself self-taught, mentored, or studied photography at a University or photography school there are other photographers that helped shape the way you express your vision.  I consider myself lucky in that I was able to associate with some great local photographers that shaped the way that I approached photography both from a technical stand point and also from an artistic stand point (I wrote an earlier blog on what I think really helps to develop a photographer and you can find that clicking here).  In order to "pay it forward" I am going to start a regular series of "Photographer Spotlights" and provide links to three or four photographers (in no particular order) that have had an impact on my photography one way or the other.  Some I know personally.  Some I don't.  Either way I have learned a great deal from them, whether by studying their images, watching their videos or simply talking to them and asking questions.  What I ask of you is to simply click on their website and check them out.  Some may not be for you.  However, if one does strike a chord with you I ask that you reach out to them and ask them one question about photography that you would like you know.  I cannot guarantee that they will answer your questions but what do you have to loose.  Nothing!  So with that.......

Chris Almerini http://www.chrisalmerini.com/ and http://casportsphotos.com/about.html.  Chris is a local landscape and wildlife photographer whose brain I try to pick on a regular basis.  Why?  Because he knows everyone and every place to photograph.  He is literally a walking encyclopedia of knowledge of where to photograph at what time and who is who in photography.  Not to mention he takes some great photographs.  He also has ventured into high school sports photography to supplement his income - a great business move on his part, a skill I am still trying to figure out.  

Franklyn Millman - https://franklyn.smugmug.com/.  Franklyn is one of the best, if not the best, printers around.   His travel and landscape photography is superb.  He is one of a few persons that I consider my mentor and I know that if I ask him for help or a question that he will answer it without reservation.  His work can be found in the Greensboro airport (GSO), the medical office where he works and other venues.  

Jimmy McIntyre - http://www.throughstrangelenses.com/  and  http://www.shutterevolve.com/​.  I do not know him personally but his images are some of the best travel/landscape images I have seen.  They are the ones that I inspire to someday create on my own.  He focuses on HDR using Photoshop to digitally blend 2 or more images and his tutorials have helped me improve my post processing skills.  If his work inspires you, sign up for his weekly email and you won't be disappointed.  If you enjoy processing your images like I do then he has a lot to offer including a new PS plugin.

Go out and find some new inspiration.  





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