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January 23, 2017  •  1 Comment

20170118_JMS_FHS_0282-63-6420170118_JMS_FHS_0282-63-64Maple When I first started my photography endeavor, I reached out to a local group that was providing professional pet portraits in order to help get the pets adopted.  They seemed eager to have volunteers come in and help and I was told that they would get in touch with me when my services were needed.  I never heard back from them.  Of course I never followed up either as I was still trying to figure out where I wanted to devote my time.

A couple of months ago Forsyth Humane Society moved into a new building only minutes from my house.  I decided it was time to at least volunteer if not also provide my photography services, if needed, for a good cause.   The staff was very friendly and quickly reached out for help with some photos.  As a photographer I was happy to help.  As an urban and rural landscape photographer, I was a little worried about being able to provide a quality product.  



Some people think that a photographer is a photographer.  However, most photographers tend to choose a type of photography based on their passion and focus on learning the skills necessary to produce high quality images in that field.  That's not to say that a photographer can't be good at two different types of photography, say landscape and portraits or commercial and architecture, but merely that the more time spent in one field usually produces better results then spreading yourself over multiple fields.  And with me, I had spent maybe all of 5 minutes photographing my dogs before being asked to contribute.  

20170113_JMS_FSH_0013-5920170113_JMS_FSH_0013-59Marigold                     Marigold

My first visit to photograph the animals did not go that well.  I went by myself and came away with only one image I was happy with.  Lesson learned.  Having someone that you can work with to the get the pets into the right area or look the right way or even hold still is pretty helpful.  The second visit resulted in a number of photos that I was happy with since I had the help of my wife to coax the dogs into position.  While I was happy with the shots I still have a long way to go to get the quality pet shots I think I can take.  But most importantly I learned some new things about what it takes to get a good pet portrait; camera settings, processing and patience - a lot of patience.  Also, while landscape is still my number one passion, portraits might be moving up the list!  So go out and try something new.  You never know, you might like it.

20170118_JMS_FHS_016720170118_JMS_FHS_0167Rose  Rose

If you live in Forsyth County, NC or nearby please stop by the Forsyth Humane Society at 4881 Country Club Rd, Winston-Salem, NC 27104 if interested in adopting a pet!  


jenny ryan(non-registered)
These pictures capture such personality in these pups. Well done and way to use the gift God has given you to serve your community!!!!!
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