A Must Have for Your Photo Bag. And It's Free!

October 12, 2017  •  Leave a Comment


I routinely stay in hotels during workshops, photography trips and even family vacations.  As soon as I enter the room I head straight to the bathroom.  No, not because I drank too much coffee on the way, but because inside sometimes lies one of the most under rated camera gear that a photographer can have in their backpacks.  A shower cap!  Yes, you read that correctly, a shower cap.  It is free with the room, weighs almost nothing, takes up absolutely no room, yet can save your camera, lens or both.  


Shower cap covering camera and lens during a rainy morning


View through shower cap.  You can still compose your image and get an exposure value.

Caught in a down pour?  Put the showercap over your camera and lens as you wait it out.  Working in a a dusty landscape with a lot of wind.  Use the shower cap to keep the lens clear.  Getting spray on your lens in between shots?  Put the showercap over your lens while you adjust your settings.  Shower caps are clear enough to allow you to compose your image and get a decent exposure value while your lens stays free from water drops, spray or dust.  They are great to use around waterfalls, oceans or any place where water may affect your shot.  So next time you stay in a hotel, be sure to pick up the free photographer's gift in the bathroom.  



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