Iceland Workshop Recap

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Iceland.  The land of fire and ice.  Or as I like to say, "the land of fire, ice, waterfalls, rainbows, unpredictable weather and arctic char".  This year Iceland threw more rain at us than usual but, as always, cleared up just enough at the right times to allow for us to photograph the beautiful scenery.

20170917_JMS_Iceland_224-33920170917_JMS_Iceland_224-339 Gluggafoss or Merkjarfoss

How many waterfalls are there in Iceland?  I have no idea.  But I do know that they are some of the most spectacular waterfalls that I have seen.  You literally can not drive for more than 30 minutes without seeing a different one.  


Icelandic pony

No trip to Iceland is complete without photographing the Icelandic ponies.  They dot the landscape and are easily photographed from right off the road.  Many seem to pose for you as if they know what to do for the tourist.  This makes getting portraits and detail shots rather easy.  However, the environmental shot of an Icelandic pony with mountains or a waterfall in the background and no fence still eludes me.  


Reykjavik, Iceland 

Make sure to bring out your camera in Reykjavik too, as the colorful houses, great architecture, and people provide a wonderful opportunity for photography.


Rainbow over Jökulsárlón, glacier lagoon, Iceland

Most people's bucket list includes a stop at Jökulsárlón.  This year the glacier lagoon seemed almost empty past the front line of ice making its way to the ocean.  Global warming?  Maybe.  Bad timing?  Maybe.  Either way it's hard to think about this beautiful place no longer existing in the future.  Hopefully it's just me being pessimistic.

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