ECCP Compose eBook CoverECCP Compose eBook Cover

Composition Elements for the Landscape
and Nature Photographer

The 2nd Edition is here!  Completely redesigned with new images!  27 topics with 4 new ones in over 35 pages.  Get it now!

In this book I review compositional elements along with tips and ideas that you can use to create better images.  Learn why photographing vertically is just as important as photographing horizontally.  Rules?  Who needs rules?  Learn when to break them and when they work.  Once you are able to breakdown your photo into the compositional elements you can then start to understand why your photograph may or may not resonate with other viewers.

COMPOSE tackles one composition element, rule or idea at a time so it is easy to read.  Each page takes you through a concept and then provides images that demonstrate how you can put the element or idea to work for you.  Thanks again for your support and I hope you enjoy.

File Format:  PDF
Pages: 40
Price: $7.95